Help us that excessive alcohol consumption does not become a problem!

The first global APP that allows the detection in the voice of changes produced by excessive alcohol consumption.

This APP will allow you responsible consumption.

The idea was presented to several specialists with their acceptance.

  • Head of Psychiatry Hospital Universitari Vall d ́Hebron of Barcelona, and Professor Psiquiatry Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona.
  • Head of Substance Abuse Program Department of Public Health Generalitat of Catalonia Government.
  • Adjunct Psychiatrist at the University Hospital Vall d´Hebron of Barcelona.
  • Psychiatrist Expert in Addictions and Drugs of Abuse in Instititut Hospital del Mar d´investigacions Mèdiques.
  • Psychologist and Director of Psychosocial Care Foundation Health and Community.

And you can save on your Auto or Moto insurance policy, thanks to being a responsible driver.

Our Project

The idea of ​​our project was born in 2012, out of necessity, since our founding partner went to a family party and had drunk, and the trip was by private car, so it was not clear if he could use the vehicle or not , and apart I wanted to avoid traffic sanctions in the case of alcohol checks.

After years of research, different tests and recognition of the idea by doctors specialized in psychiatry and addictions, a fully functional model is obtained that detects the voice changes affected by Alcohol.

Our idea is that our APP is used by patients and health professionals, as well as for anyone who wants to use our APP. In the case of health professionals, patients will use the Alientoooh APP (IOS & Android), and Health professionals will use the Alientoooh Desktop Application, which will allow them to consult the data of alcohol samples, among other options.

In the event that the test is positive, our APP in the next versions will be integrated with Cabify, so that you can use this service comfortably without any worries.

About Our Algorithm

The system is based on the temporal and frequency analysis performed on a person in a normal and drunk state. It is necessary to calibrate the system with 3 samples at 0.0 corresponding to three time slots. As is known, the voice and speech are not the same at different times of the day. Once calibrated the system will detect the changes produced at the time of making a test, simply saying a phoneme, and a word.

In a second phase, it is intended that the system can detect vocal alterations. Simply speaking. Comparing these results with databases of voices in normal and drunken state, this detection may be possible.

The scientific bases of the project are solid, and they can be checked simply by typing in intoxicated alcohol and speech google. There are many articles and studies and many of them are directly official (.gov) who talk about how to detect whether or not there is ethyl poisoning based on the voice and its characteristics. There are parameters specifically sensitive to alcohol poisoning, and this is what we have integrated into our project. As we have already mentioned, the affections to the speech are produced from a certain level of battle and before they are not manifested.

In fact, our project is like an electronic ear that allows you to detect the variations that occur in speech, in a drunken state, in a similar way as a person would do, when it detects the affections of another drink person.

Our team

Ozeanus Mobile Solutions IT born in 2007 in Barcelona ( Spain ), with the mission of providing companies of all types and sizes, and individuals, tools and applications for access to information when you need it, regardless of location, time, system and device. Our team has extensive experience in the technology sector with more than 20 years, and its founding team is composed: Analysts Programmers, System Engineers , Experts Database , Management . Trust in our experience in the field of technology. We guarantee success stories in major companies worldwide reference level , media recognized statewide as the opinion of individuals satisfied with the care and services.

Angel Gimenez (CO-founder/CTO)


Josep Ibañez (Founder/CEO)
Marc Arriola (CO-founder/Office Manager)

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