About Our Algorithm

The system is based on frequency and temporal analysis of speech, which are very sensitive to alcohol consumption, so that the variations approach the base of the sample at 0.0 and based on our experience in tests, and multiple scientific studies, the system to detect the changes produced in the phonation, and in the pronunciation of a word that is difficult to pronounce in a drunken state. Therefore, 3 simultaneous analyzes are performed on the speech and word sample.

In a first phase, the applications that help us develop, are calibrated to 0.0, so that the system learns to use the normal values ​​at 0.0 of each person.

In a second phase, it is intended that the system can detect vocal alterations. Simply speaking. Comparing these results with databases of voices in normal and drunken state, this detection may be possible.

The scientific bases of the project are solid, and they can be checked simply by typing in intoxicated alcohol and speech google. There are many articles and studies and many of them are directly official (.gov) who talk about how to detect whether or not there is ethyl poisoning based on the voice and its characteristics. There are parameters specifically sensitive to alcohol poisoning, and this is what we have integrated into our project. As we have already mentioned, the affections to the speech are produced from a certain level of battle and before they are not manifested.

In fact, our project is like an electronic ear that allows you to detect the variations that occur in speech, in a drunken state, in a similar way as a person would do, when it detects the affections of another drink person.